TAMI SUGGS PERDUELand o' Lakes, Florida

I am being lead to share this with you all. Although while writing this I know that my throbbing heart is going to act up, and many tears shall fall. I willingly share this testimony with you with the intentions that you will have a better understanding of the spiritual world…My best friend, my true friend, my advisor, my teacher, my rock, my happiness, my heart, my lifeline, my everything. My dad.I have never share this with anyone because I often hide my pain with laughter, In fact most of those who know me think that I am the strongest, happiest person alive, attributed to I never seem to let life get me down, I just keep looking for the good and moving on. However, In April 2015 my world came crumbling down. It was then I was told my dad was dying and there was nothing anyone could do to help. At which time I knew this was bigger than me I could not do this, there was just no way. I looked to God and I said please take this away from me and shine the light on the path I am to take cause I am not going to make it without you GOD. It was at that time April Fontana flashed in my mind, she was my answer, I needed to reach out to her, and she was to the one that could help. Which at that time I thought God had lead me to her for her to heal my dad. However, I now know she was there to save me. I did not know her, I only knew she had special gifts cause I had added her as an friend on Facebook months before, but had never had a conversation with her. I sent her a message only saying I need your help please call me… within minutes she was on the phone telling me what was wrong with my dad. She asked me to get his permission so she could start the healing process on him. For the next 4 weeks she would go into his body and make it strong enough for him to be able to sit and talk to me, he told me so many things during them times that I would have never known if April had not pumping life into him. But the upmost important answer I got from him was he was ready to go to heaven. I knew at this time I was going to have to let him go, so I called April one last time and told her… we have to let him go it is what he wants. I can still hear her voice saying I am so sorry Hun. Well on March the 5th my dad entered heaven.Instantly, following his passing I obtained a Throbbing heart… Oh man for those of you that have never had a throbbing heart, it is the greatest pain that I have ever felt. It is just plain awful. I tried to go on with life but I couldn’t I just kept on a down hill spiral until I ended up in the same hospital, in the same room with the same death sentence as my Dad only 4 short months later. However, I truly did not want to die, I wanted to live. So once again I called out of to God, and once again I was lead to April. At the time I contacted her I was taking about 15 Zantac a day so I could breathe my stomach hurt so bad, I had broke my nose, got several goose eggs on my head, attributed to me passing out due to the pain in my stomach. I was a hot mess. The doctors all said I had cancer and I was dying. I called April and simply said I need you. Within 15 minutes I was completely healed. I have not had one single problem with my stomach since April performed her magic, and it has now been two years. I am so grateful to her for saving my life, as well as prolonging the time I had with my dad. She is an extremely amazing spiritual woman!!!Moral of this story…. If I had not trusted God and reached out to this person that I knew entirely nothing about, I would be communicating with you all from the other side. So trust in the Lord with all your heart and he will prevail!!!! Don’t be afraid of the unknown when it holds the answer to your prayers!!!


My name is Patrick Matthews. I was in a very bad motorcycle accident in the fall of 2002. I was 47 years old. I was thrown over a hundred feet off of my motorcycle, from a pickup truck that cut me off at night. I herniated every lumbar and cervical disk in my back and neck, from C1-C6 and L1-L6. I destroyed my L2-siotic nerve damage, cocic, and sacroiliac tail bone. Were non-functional. I was unable to sit up for more than thirty minutes at a time. After four and one-half years I was able to return to work in chronic back pain. However, I kept a secret, that I was in a previous motorcycle accident in the fall of 1980, where I injured my back with soft tissue injury they called it, from being thrown over one hundred feet from a car that cut me off. I had forgotten about the accident, but not the outcome. My back would go out and I would lose all my strength and I was unable to stand up at all. My son would have to pick me up and carry me like a baby. All I would have to do is reach the wrong way, and my back would go out and I could not walk for days. Only my Son knew about this accident outcome. In the Fall of 2013, April Fontana, a dear friend of mine for many years, offered to ‘fix” my back. Of course I agreed to whatever her terms and conditions were. Her one condition was, “to believe.” I said I believe in her and Source Energy. I never heard of Source Energy before, but if she said it was so, than it was so. She called me and told me, my biggest problem was not my spinal column, as I had told her, but my back injury from the previous accident, of which I did not speak of. She worked on my back muscles, which had negatively affected my hips causing me to have dysplasia of the hips, causing more back problems. She worked on my back and spinal column. She fixed muscles that were non-functional, and had been that way for years. The muscles were torn and useless, and now they are strong and resilient again, like young muscles should be. Before she worked on my back, I could not sleep for more than four hours a day, before waking up in excruciating pain. This has gone on since 1983. I had not informed her of any of this, but yet she knew what was the best course of action for my health. She spent weeks working on every vertebrae in my back, muscles, and tendons. Because of April, I have regained my youth and my core strength again, as well as no problems from my herniated disks and I can sit now for hours without pain. I have grown cartilage where it was needed, by doing what she tells me to do, as well. Now, I sleep all night and wake up refreshed. I have a strong back, and I have core strength again. I recently had to pack up a three story townhouse on my own, pack the boxes into a moving truck, along with the furniture, and drive the truck over seven hundred and fifty miles and unpack the truck into a storage facility. I was able to accomplish all of this and much more without any back pain. I am now 61 years old, and I plan to ride motorcycles for the rest of my life, sleep late, enjoy life, more as much and more than when I was 47 years old. Without April Fontana, I would be another hurt and tired senior citizen limping into retirement. Instead, she has given me a second chance at a happy pain free life. I owe her my new health. She is also teaching me how to use Source Energy to help others. She says we all can help heal others and the planet, not just her alone. Thank-you April FontanaPatrick


April, You took me to amazing places I have not know previously. The depth provided so much insight the I am still processing the session. I do know you are an individual with integrity and a direct connection to source. Appreciation and excitement that more blessings are around the corner. I can not wait for the classes and further expansion. More shall be revealed 🙂


Some people pass through this world and live it just as they found it . But people like you April Fontana-Clairvoyant Healer take the time to do special things for others that make the world more beautiful . Thank you so much April from the bottom of my heart. I wish everyone can experience the amazing human being your are . Your kindness,love and amazing gift is for me the best experience of my life. Thank you


I want to thank you April...you are such a wonderful, caring person..you are truly an angel on earth! i knew you were great, but you have blown that out of the water!!!!! i was so impressed with you...i was taken to places i didn't want to go, so i could move on....it had to be done, and a lot of questions I've had for 45 yrs were answered...i can't sing your praises enough!!! i truly love you and thank the universe for putting you in my life... MUCH LOVE TO YOU!!!


I must share with you this amazing experience I have been blessed with. I booked a reading followed by a healing session with April. Words cannot explain what this healing has done for my mind, body and soul. She removed all negative energy from my life, I feel empowered in so many ways. Her healing method is beyond explainable. I suffered from severe sinus infections and allergies since I was a kid and nothing was helping. As I was suffering for so long with this... It seemed impossible that I would ever feel clear within my head. My vision was off, nasal passage blocked and the pain unbearable. One session! Yep that's right one session with April and it was gone! She also reversed my allergies so it will not come back! Fixed my digestive and stress issues as well! I was one of those people who was always in a rush, stress was a normal thing for me. I never knew what it was not to have stress in my life. Now I look back and wonder how I ever lived my life that way. Everything done over the telephone, I could feel her warm and soothing energy coming from her voice. This woman is changing lives is so many positive ways. It's absolutely wonderful to know that there is someone out there who can help so many people who are suffering. I am so grateful to have this amazing opportunity to experience everything she has done for me. Everyday, my life gets better... I feel like an entirely new woman. I refer to her as being my gift from the Universe. Such a wonderful blessing to know this woman. For every Heart and Soul she touches, it brings us a little closer to a world of love and peace


I had a great opportunity to have a reading and healing session with April Fontana. I had an emotional crisis starting in 2009. From 2009 until 2013 every few months it was crisis on top of unfortunate negative life events & losses. It left me shattered & incapacitated. Most days have been spent in bed or in the house. I was so beat up, that when good things started happening- I couldn't even appreciate them. I had a whole list of things wrong with me to review with her- but that was not even necessary. She is able to tell u what is going on. Her work can be life changing. I have a better understanding of what was going on with me. April is excellent- there is physical as well as emotional relief. There is hope if you are suffering.


Hi. My name is Raven. My 2 month old granddaughter, Kharma, was brutally injured by her father. Shaken Baby injury with double brain injury meaning her entire brain was swollen and bleeding. She had been vomiting, losing weight, having seizures with the pediatrician and hospital missing the problem on 5 separate visits. Kharma also had a broken femur, leg, ribs, a shoulder while suffering in excruciating pain. Upon arriving at the children's hospital, she was rushed into neurosurgery immediately with a 99% chance of dying in surgery and after. If she lived, she'd be blind, deaf, having life-long seizures, a vegetable. April Fontana was notified right away by Grace Miazza, a mutual friend, and began to work on Kharma straight away. Daily, April treated her. Kharma was released into her mothers care less than 3 weeks after surgery with full vision, perfect hearing, no apparent brain damage, no seizures, all bones mended perfectly, happy, cooing, responsive, attentive, and meets all her 3 month markers!!! Weight gain, bright, and so alive. It is true that the medical team was fantastic but it was obvious that April's healing work was intrinsic in baby Kharmas recovery. The doctors, detectives, everyone viewing the xrays, who understands this type of abuse and outcome of such horror was witnessing a miracle dumbfounded by the baby's progress. The doctors on her team or who just heard of her case and miraculous recovery would stop in to see our healing baby angel. I cannot thank April enough. I believe that if it weren't for April, my granddaughter would have died. I know this. There is no other explanation for the baby surviving the surgery and recovering without disabilities. Well done dearest April. Bless you. Hugs... Raven

LINDA SMITH-MANNSBranchlands, West Virginia

OMGGG!!!! I am so excited I could scream! I had to have April's Oracle Snap Activation Service!!! I called her, she did my hand and I felt it!!! I was so excited I had her do BOTH hands!! I had my other hand programmed to help my husband..I am a healer as well, but nothing like this!! I felt like I could run a marathon and win the darn thing! So much energy! I don't know what I needed healed, but when I did it on me, I immediately felt energized!!!!A few hours later I did the healing with the other hand on my husband while he was asleep...Long story short, he'd been on antibiotics and low Vit D..he's not been able to be in the 90 degree heat for very long, he gets weak & light headed...He woke up full of energy...I did not tell him about the healing, I wanted to see how he reacted without knowing..He not only went out & did some weed eating, he also worked on the weed eater about 1/2 in the heat!He came in the house bragging about how he is finally off of the antibiotics and that's the first time in 4 weeks he had his full strength back & the heat didn't phase him!!!Well, I had to tell him...he said, "I don't know what happened, I'm just glad I'm back to myself"!!I was overjoyed!!!THANK YOU APRIL!!!!This is beyond awesome!!! I feel like a kid with a Christmas present!!


April Fontana has a Divine gift of healing which also allows our greatest potential to unfold. I saw April on David Palmer’s “The Lion King’ Face Page doing an interview by Jenny Watson on July 7th. On video, I saw a stunning woman with curly black hair and piercing eyes talking about healing. I thought, “Here we go another expert wanting to enlighten me?” Yet, something different was happening. April healed Jenny Watson…on camera. Then, I knew she was for real and booked a session posting a comment under the stream. Although the time and date was set, I was hesitant. When April called, surprisingly her voice reminded me of a dear friend coming back into my life. She wasted no time explaining every step. April uses the metaphor of a house when looking into someone’s life. First, she enters the living room to see immediate concerns. I must confess, April saw my living room full of files, papers, and massive clutter. Yet, when I looked there was no clutter…oh, but my mind was a mess.April spoke of how I allow too many projects at once resulting in much anxiety. She was so right, but how did this happen? She looked into my aura and saw my father with his back turned. With a loving voice she said, “Parents always want more for their child and I was no exception.” Yes, my father put a lot of pressure on me yet praised each accomplishment. Instantly, an epiphany occurred for “I” willingly continued the pressure cycle to validate my life. Through April’s guidance, I agreed this had to stop for my good enough was impossible to attain.Our time together flew quickly as we shared I began to feel a tremendous release. Healing occurred on many levels. April removed physical pain and when spoke of each problem they quickly vanished. April also gives a short list of supplements to support continued well-being. I know in my heart of hearts…. blessings are prayers answered. Yet, never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined my journey with….April Fontana!


As I have stated before and I will keep saying. April is amazingly awesome! I have been suffering terribly for a few days and nights with a pain in my left shoulder blade area. As she was in my energy today, she discovered that I had dislocated my shoulder. She fixed this for me. YES, that is right she put my shoulder back in place and the pain I was experiencing just went away! April has many gifts and talents and I believe she can help everyone


I had a healing with April Fontana today. I am still trying to integrate it all because so much came up about past experiences from my childhood and relationships (romantic and otherwise), that I truly believed were behind me...but not so. I also had no idea that they were having such a negative impact on my physical health. I don't recognize myself at the moment... As a healer who needs healing herself every now and then, I highly recommend this one.


I live on the other side of the world and for April Fontana that makes no difference. She can do her Oracle Healing across the oceans. I have been injured at work nearly 10 years ago and have been struggling with pain. I had spinal surgery in 2008 but that didn't fix the nerve system. I had to stop working because the pain was getting worse and worse instead of getting any better. Then it was from one specialist to another. Nearly 8 years have passed and this was still dragging on... April and I have met many years ago and since then she has helped me many many times. Whenever my pain gets too great, migraines and allergies are killing me and my energy levels are very low she helps me get back to my feet again. She is an amazing lady and there is no words to describe the gratitude I feel for all her help she did for me and my family over the years except tell the whole world how much I LOVE her. If you are having any kind of health problems even with your pets do not hesitate to contact her I am certain she can help you no matter what continent you live on. Thank you thank you thank you April you are the most beautiful soul xxx


Last week, an amazing woman, April Fontana, saved my life and changed it forever. After admitting myself to the emergency room for surely having had a heart attack, modern medicine decided I was healthier than anyone else coming through their door and I went home. The following day, I felt it again and called out for help. I was referred to April in seconds and seconds later contacted her, getting an emergency appointment. April did what no one else could do - she found the infection in my heart that no one else could find, surrounded by something squeezing it at the same time. She validated that it had been an urgent situation and I could feel it as she cleared that all out and brought healing to the infection. The only thing modern medicine had been right about was that I wasn't having a heart attack. I had thought my thyroid was low, but the hospital's tests showed me in the "normal" range and they decided I was normal. April found that half of my thyroid is inactive and the repercussions of that and a hormonal imbalance on my body have been huge. She has resolved that and absolutely transformed my life. I don't know where to start with everything else she has brought to my life, but a feeling of health and knowing that there really IS someone who can see what IS going on is worth more than gold. She has changed everything for the better. Thank you, thank you, April!


April truly is AMAZING! She has worked on my allergies and they have not returned. I have also had readings with her that where spot on!. She picked up on a situation that had caused me much emotional pain, explained it to me and helped me to heal and move on from it. She has helped me physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I love you April, bless you for all that you do.


THANK YOU to April Fontana who so lovingly gave me a life-changing energy healing that removed deep wounds, identified health issues and released core blocks - with everything she said and did resonating through my entire body. It was so unbelievably powerful, and she is a true gift to this world. I cannot express how transformational this experience was for my life. And all divinely timed. I am so grateful for the time and care she devoted to my personal healing. Highly recommended for anyone looking for true self awakening and understanding.

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